Thursday, June 3, 2010

Burn One

Title: Burn One
Author: Tarabeth
Pairing: Gibbs and DiNozzo
Genre: NCIS
Implements: Hand and Wooden Spoon

~*~     ~*~     ~*~

Tony sat on the sofa looking into the roaring fire.  “No, he’s not home yet.  Damn Mc Tattle,” Tony whined.

“Tony it wasn’t Timmy’s fault.  He didn’t know Gibbs was standing right behind him.”

“Gibbs is always right behind everyone.  He has ears everywhere. He never had to know about my painting job if the probie would have kept his mouth shut.”

Abby tried to console her friend, but it was difficult when he was blaming his predicament on McGee.  “Tony, he just thought that you might blend in better on the ship if your painting hadn’t been so sloppy.”

“Abs, it’s hard to paint properly and be on a stakeout.  Was it more important for me to be looking for our suspect or to be doing a bang up job painting the companionway?”

“Is Gibbs mad?” Abby asked compassionately. 

“Yeah, he called the XO and told him I’d be shipboard all weekend on paint detail.”  Tony sighed.   “I was informed if he didn’t receive a stellar report regarding the quality of my painting skills that I wouldn’t enjoy doing desk duty next week.”  Tony paused and picked up the box of Chinese food; he took a bite of the Kung Po Chicken.

“I told you when you started seeing him that he was a spanker,” she reminded her friend. 

Tony sighed.  “I know, and I only seem to mind when my tail’s in jeopardy.”

“Don’t we all,” Abby commiserated. 

“Can I tell you a secret?” Tony asked—continuing before Abby could answer.  “I used the paddle for kindling in the fireplace.”

He began to regret burning the hated implement when Abby warned him of Gibbs wrath over paddle ash.

“He’ll just think he misplaced it.  There’s no way he’ll ever know I threw the damn thing in the fire. I’m certainly not going to tell him.”  Tony paused, and felt his stomach sink.  “You’re standing behind me, aren’t you boss?” he asked.

“Yepp,” Gibbs responded. 

“Hanging up the phone, boss.  Bye, Abs.  I’ll see you in the morning…that is if I happen to live through this evening.”  Tony turned the phone off and set it down on the coffee table.  He stood up and looked his Top in the eye.  “Fetching a wooden spoon boss.”

Gibbs nodded. 

Tony went to the kitchen and grabbed the wretched bamboo spoon.  He returned to the living room to find Gibbs sitting on the couch.  Tony handed over the spoon. 

Gibbs looked at Tony’s jeans and lowered his eyes to the floor.  “Loose the pants DiNozzo.”

Tony sighed and turned his back to his partner and began to fumble with the fly of his jeans. 

Gibbs smiled at the beautiful ass before him.  He didn’t know if it was the five hundred dollar Italian jeans that so beautifully framed DiNozzo’s ass that made it so desirable--but he doubted it--he was pretty sure Tony’s ass would be just as beautiful in a two dollar pair of dungarees from the Goodwill.  He knew Tony needed those jeans.  They made him stand a little taller, and smile a little brighter—both things Gibbs took pleasure in seeing from his partner—so he was willing to let Tony indulge in his fashion fetish.

Tony turned and stood in his snug boxer briefs and tight fitting t-shirt with his five hundred dollar jeans pooled around his ankles and a tear trailing down his cheek. 

Gibbs placed his hands on Tony’s hips pulling his Brat closer.  He lowered Tony’s boxers and helped his Brat over his lap.  He ran his hand over Tony’s bare butt.  “I wasn’t going to spank you for this.”  Gibbs raised his hand and landed a firm spank. 

Tony slapped his forehead. 

Jethro let out a short laugh, “You’d sit a lot more comfortably if you learned to trust me and didn’t try to avoid punishments.” 

“But what fun would that be for you boss?” Tony was able to be a wiseass in just about every possible situation.  It helped to hide his true emotions.  He cracked jokes while he was being tortured by terrorists, attacked by big scary super soldiers, and dying of the plague.  He was a tough son of a bitch, but Leroy Jethro Gibbs knew him well.  Jethro Gibbs knew how to relieve Tony’s guilt, anger, frustration, and hurt.  He provided Tony with a safe space to let his guard down and how to help DiNozzo cry—whether it be by providing a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen, or a hand to spank.  He knew just what his lover needed, and tonight Tony DiNozzo needed a bare bottomed over the knee spanking.

Gibbs raised his hand and set about turning the soft, round, white butt over his lap an angry red.

Tony released a few grunts during the hand spanking; but when Jethro picked up the wooden spoon and applied it expertly to his sit spots, his tears started flowing. 

Once Gibbs knew the tears had started he lowered the spoon and peppered DiNozzo’s thighs causing Tony to sob silently--at that point Gibbs stopped and placed his hands on the hot cheeks as if to try and absorb some of the heat. 

Gibbs lifted his hands, and Tony lowered himself to the floor.  “You’re a bastard,” he said; it wasn’t meant to be hurtful, and Gibbs never took it that way.  Gibbs just smiled and nodded while he softly ran his fingers through Tony’s hair.   

~*~     ~*~     ~*~


  1. My likes!! Write another one??

  2. I will try...this was supposed to be part of a triptych of hopefully you will see it's two partners.