Monday, July 18, 2011

The Assman

Title: The Assman
Author: Tarabeth
NCIS Fan Fiction Gibbs/DiNozzo
Rating: NC-17 for sex
Implements: Hand/Paddle
Word Count: 5,715
Spoilers: I don’t think there are any spoilers.
Author’s note: Thank you to Dee and Dizzy for their fabulous beta job. 


“No, Boss, McGoo didn’t help me,” Tony said.  He didn’t like looking down at his partner this way. 
Gibbs raised an eyebrow. 
“What? I’ve got skills, Boss.  I know how to use Photoshop!”
Gibbs reached over from where he was sitting on the bed and pulled Tony closer to him. 
“Really, Boss, we don’t have to do this.”
Gibbs tugged down DiNozzo’s boxers, and they fell to the floor. 
“Boss!” Tony squeaked.  “Are you sure you aren’t over reacting?”
Gibbs held up his phone to show Tony the picture. 
Tony couldn’t help himself, and he began to laugh.  “You look great in a tutu boss.” He yelped as he was quickly pulled over Gibbs’ lap. 
“Awe, come on, Boss.  It was just a joke.  It’s National Dance Week, that’s why we’re seeing the Gene Kelly double feature tomorrow. Ow!” Tony yelped as he felt a hand fall sharply on his ass.  He looked over his shoulder at his partner. 
“DiNozzo, do you know who sent me that picture?”
“Uh…no, Boss.”
“Fornell,” Gibbs answered.
Tony groaned, and then yelped a second time when Gibbs’ hand landed on the fleshy under curve of his butt.  Gibbs quickly and efficiently spanked DiNozzo.  When he was done, he helped Tony to stand and returned his shorts to the upright position. 
A hiccupped sniffle escaped from DiNozzo, and he wiped a few tears from his face.  “I’m sorry, Boss.”
Gibbs kissed Tony’s cheek where there was a stray tear.  “It’s only Monday, DiNozzo; we usually don’t need to do the pre-work spankings until at least Wednesday.”
Tony’s cheeks flushed a bit with embarrassment.  He knew he was a high maintenance brat; it was just hard to be reminded of it directly after a spanking. 
“Come‘re,” Gibbs said.  He pulled Tony in close for a tight hug.  “Didn’t mean to embarrass ya kid.  I just think you might like to sit comfortably at some point this week.”
Tony hugged tighter, and Gibbs could feel his brat smiling.  “Sitting comfortably is a good thing, but sometimes it’s nice to spend the day feeling your dominance on my six.”
Gibbs laughed. “Well kid, I think that you’ll be enjoying that today.”
Tony stepped back, flashed his winning grin and rubbed his hands over his butt.  “Yep, Boss, that I will.”
“Now, hurry up and get dressed; I don’t want to be late.
~*~     ~*~     ~*~
The elevator door opened, and Tony said goodbye.  Gibbs knew his brat benefited from a chat with Abby after a spanking, but the team had a lot of work on their plate this week.  They had three murder cases they were working.  Gibbs’ gut told him they were somehow connected, but the team hadn’t yet found the link.  “You’ve got five DiNozzo, and then I want you at your desk.”
“Got it, Boss.”
DiNozzo stepped out of the elevator and walked the short distance to the lab.  “Morning, Abs!” Tony shouted over Abby’s music. 
The blasting volume of the punk rock music was lowered.  Abby turned to look at DiNozzo, and could tell immediately by the way he held himself--a slightly different look around his eyes, and the faint track of tears on his cheeks--that Tony was freshly spanked.  She held open her arms.  “He saw the picture,” she said. 
“Who knew Fornell followed me on Twitter?  I thought the old geezer didn’t like me,” Tony said before falling into Abby’s embrace. 
“It’s been awhile since you’ve been spanked on a Monday morning.  This could be a long week for you.”
Tony blushed.  He pulled out of the hug.  “That’s what Gibbs said.”
“Well, you best be on your best behavior if Bossman issued a warning before the week even started.”
“I’m always on my best behavior.” Tony flashed Abby his patented smile.  “I gotta run Abs.  I’ve only got a minute to get to my desk or the big man’ll have my ass.”
DiNozzowas just sliding into his chair when Gibbs called out, “Grab your gear, we’ve got a dead petty officer in Rock Creek Park!”
~*~     ~*~     ~*~
The murder was in the end of Rock Creek Park near St. Vincent’s Convent of the Holy Mother of Our Lord and Savior.  Tony pulled the van into the convent parking lot. 
“Tony, go ask Sister Rosita if it’s okay for us to park the van here.  If it’s not, than find another place to park it.  McGee, David, with me!”
Tony strolled into Sister Rosita’s office.  “Hi, Sister, how are you?”
“Anthony,” Sister Rosita smiled, but then her face turned sad.  “Oh, this doesn’t mean that all that commotion in the park is a hurt serviceman.”
“Yes, Ma ’am.” Tony reached to grab a caramel from the candy bowl on Sister Rosita’s desk, and before he knew it a ruler smacked down across his hands.
“Don’t grab, Anthony.  You ask first,” the Sister scolded him. 
“Can I have a caramel, Sister?” Tony asked. 
“No,” Sister Rosita answered. 
Tony gave a little pout. 
“Anthony, what did you come to see me about?”
“Oh,” Tony said, rubbing his hand, “there’s a dead petty officer in the park.  Would it be all right if we parked the NCIS van in the convent’s parking lot?”
“Of course,” she answered.
“Thank you, Sister.” Tony turned to leave. 
“Anthony,” Sister Rosita called, “you were a great help at the convent school’s bowl-a-thon last weekend.  Thank you.”
“You’re welcome, Sister.” Tony smiled and opened the door to leave. 
“Come and see me before you leave, and I’ll give you a piece of candy.”
Tony’s eyes lit up.  “Thank you, Sister.”
“Give my love to Abigail, when you see her.”
“I will.”
“Sister Rosita said it’s fine, Boss.”  Tony was trying to rub the sting out of his knuckles. 
Gibbs took Tony’s hand and looked at the bright red line across the top of his hand.  He raised his eyebrow. 
“Sister Rosita said I got grabby,” Tony answered. 
Gibbs eyebrows shot up. 
“Not like that, Boss.  I wanted a piece of candy.”
McGee started to hum, and then broke out into song.  “How do you solve a problem like DiNozzo?”
“Cute, probie,” DiNozzo growled. 
“Oh, wait, I know this one,” Ziva chimed in.  “He’s always late for work, but his penitence is real.”  McGee joined in, “He’s always late for everything, except for every meal.”
“Zip it and get back to work!” Gibbs growled.  He pulled Tony over and whispered into his ear, “A flibbertijibbet.  A will-o’-the wisp.”  He smiled and gently squeezed Tony’s shoulder.  “Go help sketch the crime scene.”
“On it.”
“Uh, Boss…,” McGee called. 
“Yeah, McGee, what’d ya find?”
“Petty Officer Yardly has a stamp on his hand fromThe Assman,” McGee answered. 
“Wow, look at you McGay,” Tony teased. 
“DiNozzo,” Gibbs warned. 
“It’s a gay dance club, Boss.  Abby likes to go there,” McGee said. 
“DiNozzo, didn’t Lance Corporal Lewis have some type of ink on his hand?”
“Yeah, Boss, but we weren’t able to identify it with a certain club.”
“Call Abby and have her compare the ink first thing when we get back, and then call Ducky and have him swab Ensign Hernandez and Sergeant Jefferson’s wrists for ink.  Have him get any results up to Abby.  And why the hell didn’t any of you know that our dead soldiers were gay?!”
“Boss,” McGee responded, “it’s the hottest dance club in town.  A lot of straight people go there to dance.  Our dead soldiers may not have been gay.”
“Well, I wanna know, and I wanna know now!” Gibbs responded.
~*~     ~*~     ~*~
“SecNav’s all over my ass!  We’re trying to integrate openly gay soldiers into the service—having two Marines, a naval officer and an enlisted man show up dead with stamps from a gay club isn’t going to help!” Vance growled at Gibbs.
“We were only able to make the connection that the soldiers had been at The Assman the night they were killed today,” Gibbs answered. 
“Well now that you know, you’ve got seventy-two hours until the fleet arrives.  I don’t want the nut job committing these murders to have access to those 5,000 soldiers.  I want DiNozzo undercover in that club tonight.”
“Doing what?!” Gibbs gruffly asked.
“They’re hiring go-go dancers.  It will give him an overall view of the club better than a bouncer or bartender could get.  Abby’s already set up his identity.  She’s ready to get him wired up so we can track him in MTAC.”
“I need Tony on my team helping me solve this.  How am I supposed to wrap this case up in seventy-two hours if you’re taking my senior field agent?” Gibbs growled.
“You’ll have a better chance of solving it if you’ve got someone on the inside.  I’ve made up my mind! Now go inform DiNozzo of his assignment.”  Vance handed Gibbs a dossier on Tony’s new alias.   
~*~     ~*~     ~*~
“DiNozzo, you’re going undercover,” Gibbs called on his way down the stairs.
“Where?” DiNozzo asked. 
“The Assman,” Gibbs growled.
Tony puffed out his shoulders.  “As a bouncer?”
Gibbs laughed.  “No.”
“A bartender?  I can make a great Fuzzy Navel. You know, Boss, I bartended in college?”
“I know DiNozzo, and no, you’re not going in as a bartender.”
“A DJ, Boss?  I’ve been known to rock the turntable a time or two.”
“Nope, not a DJ.”
“Then what, Boss?” Tony asked. 
“A go-go boy,” Gibbs answered with a low growl in his voice. 
Ziva spit her coffee across her desk. 
Tony stood tall.  “You think I’m hot, Boss.  Hot enough to be a go-go dancer at The Assman?”
“Not me, DiNozzo, the Director,” Gibbs answered.  His voice still contained in an unhappy growl. 
Tony looked over his shoulder at his butt, and gave it a little shake.  “I didn’t know Director Vance was an assman.”
Tony turned to see Director Vance coming down the stairs.  “Yes, Director?”
“Go see Ms. Sciuto; she’ll get you outfitted.  You have an interview with the bar owner at seven this evening.”
“Yes, sir, Director, sir,” Tony babbled.  “Going, sir. I wasn’t implying…”
“Go, Mr. DiNozzo,” Vance pointed to the elevator.
“Gone, sir.” DiNozzo pushed the elevator button frantically. 
Gibbs got up, “Hold the elevator, DiNozzo.”  He arrived at the elevator as the doors were closing and he pushed them open so he could join Tony in the elevator. 
The doors closed and the elevator started to move. Tony pressed the emergency button.  “Ummm…”
“You worried about the interview?” Gibbs pulled Tony close. 
“…yes…I mean I’ve got a smokin’ hot body…and I’ve definitely got the moves…,” Tony gave his ass a little shake.  But…”
“Spit it out, kid.”
A blush started to creep over Tony’s face.  “You spanked me this morning.  I’m going to have to wear something skimpy boss, it’s not going to look so good if handprints are sneaking out of my shorts,” Tony said.
“Didn’t spank ya that hard, DiNozzo.” Gibbs planted a kiss on Tony’s forehead.
“I beg to differ,” Tony huffed.  Gibbs reached for Tony’s pants and began to unbuckle his belt.  Tony slapped at his hands.  “Boss,” he whined. 
“I’m just checkin’ DiNozzo.  It’ll make you feel better.” Gibbs continued to undo Tony’s pants.  He lowered them and his boxers.  “Turn around.” Gibbs squatted down and placed his hands on Tony’s ass.  “It’s lily white.”
Tony slipped a hand back and could still feel a slight heat coming from the surface.  “Doesn’t feel lily white,” he said. 
Gibbs stood up, tracing his hands up Tony’s body.  He stepped in close, pinning DiNozzo to the wall, and pressed his groin against Tony’s ass.  He gently nipped at Tony’s ear.  “It’s going to be at least a few days until we can be together.”
DiNozzo gasped. “You could take me”
“No,” Gibbs kissed his neck. “We don’t have time.  We’ve got to get your cover set.”  He reached down and pulled Tony’s pants back up giving DiNozzo a long passionate kiss.  “You better take care of yourself on this assignment, or I’ll kick your ass.”
“I love you too, Boss.” DiNozzo smiled. 
Gibbs re-pressed the stop button, and the elevator began its descent to the lab.
~*~     ~*~     ~*~
 “Your name is Antony Zo.  You’re twenty-nine.” Gibbs rolled his eyes when he read the age. 
“Twenty-nine?! I can easily pass for twenty-six,” DiNozzo protested. 
“Take your shirt off,” Abby ordered. 
“What? Why? That’s kind of pushy of you Abby.  Shouldn’t you buy me dinner first?” DiNozzo whined as Abby started to unbutton Tony’s shirt. 
Gibbs slapped the back of Tony’s head.  “DiNozzo, we don’t have a lot of time.  Get your shirt off.”
Tony gave a pout, but removed his dress shirt and t-shirt.  He took a seat on one of the lab stools.  “Okay, Tony, close your eyes and go to your happy place?” Abby instructed.
“Why?” Tony questioned. 
“I have to get you wired to go undercover…and…well…you’re not going to be wearing a lot of clothes,” Abby’s words were rushed.
Tony could tell she was nervous about something.  “Spill it, Abs!”
“I need to give you some body piercings,” Abby looked sadly at DiNozzo. 
“That’s fine as long as their magnetic.  I’ve seen that.  They have magnets, and they stay in place.  They’re great.  We’re using those, right? You don’t need to use any needles, do you?  No needles, right Abs? Right?” Tony looked hopefully from Abby to Gibbs. 
“The magnets will interfere with transmission to MTAC.  I need to actually pierce you.”
“With a needle?” Tony’s voice rose in pitch. 
“Yeah, but I’m a pro.” Abby pulled on a pair of thick latex gloves, and grabbed forceps and a piercing needle. 
“Ah…no…I think we should send McGee in,” Tony paused and looked hopefully at Gibbs,  “eh…boss…McGee would make a great go-go boy.”
Gibbs shook his head.  “DiNozzo you’ve been tortured by terrorists, the mob, and the extremely mentally ill.  Man up, and let Abby pierce you.”
Tony gave a humph of defeat.  “Fine.”
“Tony, I have to be quick too, because you have a two o’clock appointment at Chez Beau for a cut, color, and full body wax.”  Abby grabbed hold of Tony’s right nipple with the forceps. 
“Full body wax?” Tony yelped his question as Abby pushed the piercing needle though his nipple. 
“Yep, full body—legs, arms, back, chest, crotch, and butt,” Abby responded.  She slipped the hoop ring into Tony’s nipple. 
“I DO NOT HAVE A HAIRY BUTT! Tell her boss,” Tony turned his head to look at Gibbs. 
Gibbs was laughing too hard to answer.  His boy kept his body well groomed, and took great pride in his appearance, so an insinuation that he was not well groomed, or had something that he deemed unattractive had sent him over the edge.  Gibbs stopped laughing.  “I’ll vouch for him Abs, he has a hairless butt.”
“Yow! Abs, be careful,” Tony whined. 
“This is your GPS chip, so we can track you at all times,” Abby said as she screwed the small GPS device onto the bottom of the hoop. 
“You’re chipping me like a dog?” Tony protested. 
Gibbs started to laugh again.  “Maybe you should keep that piercing after this assignment is over."
“No way, Boss!” He turned to Abby, and looked at her as if she had betrayed him.  “I can’t believe you chipped me.”
“There are three more, Tony.  The nose ring will allow you to talk to us, and for us to hear what is going on around you.  The one in your tragus—that’s this little piece of cartilage just outside of the opening to your ear--will let you hear us, and the basic lobe ring is if you’re in trouble.  If you take it out, we’ll swarm the room.”
Abby finished Tony’s piercings, leaving the senior field agent very grumpy.  She opened one of the drawers of her file cabinet and removed something that resembled a jock strap.  “Tony, this is a suspensory.  Basically it will give you support while you’re dancing…while also presenting your jewels to the crowd,” Abby said.
Gibbs swiped the garment out of her hand.  “Oh, no!  He will NOT be wearing that!” Gibbs firmly stated. 
Tony wrestled the item away from Gibbs.  “Boss, I’m going in as a go-go boy, I’ve got to have the goods on display.”
Gibbs growled. 
“I’ll keep them covered, Boss, I promise.” Tony sent his lover a reassuring smile. 
Abby handed Tony two pair of low rise trunks.  “Tony, the go-go boys wear two sets of trunks.  It will give you better support…enhances the package even more…and provides protection from grabby club patrons.”
Gibbs growled again.
“Now, go or you’re going to be late to the salon,” Abby said as she pushed Gibbs and DiNozzo out of her lab. 
Gibbs recognizing his brat was unsettled, and feeling his own need to fully possess his lover, pulled DiNozzo into the elevator and pressed the emergency button.  The elevator came to an abrupt halt and Gibbs pushed DiNozzo up against the wall and kissed him possessively.  He pulled out of the kiss and spun DiNozzo around while frantically undoing his very special agent’s pants.  “I thought we didn’t have time for this boss,” Tony gasped.  “I thought we had to work on my cover.” Tony’s pants and underwear pooled around his ankles. 
Gibbs pulled a bottle of lube out of his pocket, and slicked his fingers.  He slipped his knee between Tony’s legs forcing them apart and quickly slid two fingers inside DiNozzo.  “What’s your name?” Gibbs growled.
“Antony Zo, I’m twenty-nine,” Tony grunted out his answer.  “Oh, God!”
“No, not God, just me,” Gibbs teased.  He freed himself from his pants and prepared his cock to enter Tony.  “Keep going.” Gibbs pressed forward. 
“Ah,” Tony groaned, “I’m a naval reservist.  Uh…right there…Boss…so good!”
Gibb’s bit at the nape of Tony’s neck and set a steady rhythm of thrusting.  “Keep going,” Gibbs growled. 
“You too,” Tony mewled. 
Gibbs landed a swat to Tony’s hip.
“I like to dance…was a go-go boy in Florida when…uh…I was stationed at the Naval Air Station in Key West…I’m single.”
Gibbs growled, and thrust hard and deep.  “Ahhhh…My cover’s single, Boss.  I’m totally taken.”
“Ya think?” Gibbs snorted, and thrust deeply into his partner. 
DiNozzo sighed at the euphoria of being fucked this thoroughly.  “Don’t think Boss, I know.”
Gibbs pulled Tony close as he came fully buried inside of him, and Tony’s orgasm followed immediately after.  “I don’t like this assignment!”  Gibbs growled. 
Tony leaned back into his lover.  “I know, Boss.  I’ll be careful.  I promise.”
~*~     ~*~     ~*~
Gibbs walked into MTAC and heard yelps and muted screams.  “What the hell is going on?! I thought DiNozzo was supposed to be at beauty parlor.”
“Uh…yeah, Boss…he is.  He, uh…”
“McGee, just tell me what the hell is going on!” Gibbs ordered. 
“Tony forgot to turn his microphone off before he went in to the estheticians for his full body wax.”
Gibbs rolled his eyes.  “McGee, give me the headset.” Gibbs put the headset on.  “DiNozzo.”  He didn’t get any answer.  “DiNozzo!” There was still no answer.  “Tim, do we know if he can hear us?”
“He should be able to, Boss.”
“DiNozzo! Cough twice to signal you can hear me! And I had better damn well hear two coughs.” The sound of two coughs rang throughout MTAC. “We don’t all need to hear you being waxed, DiNozzo.  I want you to check back in at 17:30.  Grunt once if you understand. Now, turn your damn mic off.  ”
All of MTAC heard the grunt and then the microphone was turned off…setting the room off in a roar of laughter.  “Shall I schedule each of you for a full body wax then?!” Gibbs growled as he stormed out of MTAC.
~*~     ~*~     ~*~
There were fifteen attractive men crammed into one of The Assman’s small dressing rooms.  “Antony Zo!” The club owner called.  Tony stood, and the owner led Tony into his office.  DiNozzo started to sit down, but before he was able, the owner said, “Take your clothes off.”
Gibbs growled into his microphone. 
“Ms. Sciuto, we have some static on the line, fix it!” Director Vance ordered. 
Abby glared at Gibbs, and he stopped growling. 
Tony toed out of his soft brown leather loafers.  He slipped off his too tight jeans, and undid the only two buttons that had been fastened on his perfectly tailored designer dress shirt. 
“Turn around,” the owner instructed with a twist of his finger. 
Tony slowly, seductively turned around. 
“Well you do have a great body, I’ll give you that.  But don’t you think you might be a little…” the owner paused, “old for this position.”
The screech DiNozzo made had the staff at MTAC all removing their headphones.  Gibbs rolled his eyes, and gave a little snort of laughter. 
“I’ve got a better body and better moves than any of the little twinks you’ve got out there.  Not to mention that I’m the best flirt in town.  I can get your customers to buy more drinks and to bring twenty of their closest friends on their next visit.  I can make menwant me just by the way I look at them.  Once they’re hooked, they’ll be here every chance they get, just to watch me dance.  If you want to increase your nightly profit then you need me.”
“Now, why don’t you press the play button on your iPod and watch me dance.  Watch how I’ll dance on your stage, every man in the room is going to be looking at this ass.” DiNozzo slapped his own ass, rolled his hips and shook his ass in just the right way to make the club owner drool.  When DiNozzo was finished he pressed the iPod’s off button, and stared at the owner.  “So?”
“You’re hired,” the bar owner said. 
MTAC broke out in applause; it wasn’t everyday they got the opportunity to hear the great DiNozzo charm working at its best.
~*~     ~*~     ~*~
With Tony now undercover in the club, the rest of the team received their assignments.  Director Vance was in MTAC monitoring the operation.  Ziva was working in the NCIS van coordinating all the team’s activities.  McGee and Abby were dressed as classic club kids—club kids with guns and camera’s in their glasses. The cameras transmitted to both the NCIS van and to MTAC.Gibbs was in perfectly fitting jeans and a tight black t-shirt--his gun holstered on his ankle.  Agent Gibbs would spend the eveningperched sexily against the bar observing the crowd. 
~*~     ~*~     ~*~
DiNozzo noticed the Marine Corps bulldog tattooed on one the go-go dancer’s left bicep.  “Hey, Marine,” Tony held out his hand.
The other man took Tony’s hand and shook it.  “Lance Corporal Brad Davies, Marine Reserves.” The dancer nodded his head to Tony’s chest. 
Tony had spent the time between his go-go audition and reporting for work at The Assman, in the NCIS van--having Abby apply an airbrush tattoo replica of Lt. Antony Zo’s dog tags on his chest and neck.  “Lt. Antony Zo, Naval Reserves.”
“You’ve got a great tan, where do you have it done?” Brad asked.
“At the beach,” Tony answered sarcastically.
“I don’t know that salon.  Are they here in DuPont Circle?”
Tony ignored the question.  “Help with the body glitter?” Tony asked.  “But, go light, I like just a bit of shimmer.”
Gibbs rolled his eyes.  How in the hell did DiNozzo have any idea how much shimmer he liked. 
“New guy, dances in the corner.” Brad shined a plastic smile.
Tony raised an eyebrow.  “Where do you dance?” 
“Center podium.”
“What do you have to do to dance on the center podium?” DiNozzo asked. 
“Blow the owner,” Brad replied with an evil grin. 
“Never gonna happen DiNozzo,” Gibbs growled. 
“Never gonna happen,” DiNozzo repeated for Gibbs.
Brad laughed and licked his lips, “Your loss, Zo.  Come on, we’re due out front.”  Brad led Tony to the front of the club, and Tony took his place on the podium in the corner. 
The club was empty for the first couple of hours, allowing Tony to get a good understanding of the club, figure out where to stand for the best views, and how and when he could communicate with the team without anyone noticing. 
At midnight Tony and Brad left the stage to take their breaks.  Tony followed Brad to the employee restroom.  He noticed Brad was wobbly and his speech seemed abnormal.  Drawing on his years of working narcotics, Tony thought the kid was on something.   “Hey Brad, what’d ya take?  I thought this was a drug free club.”
“Not on anything,” Brad slurred.  He stumbled forward almost falling into the urinal. 
Tony looked into Brad’s eyes.  “You been accepting drinks from customers, Brad?”
“Yeah,” Brad gave a goofy smile. 
“Umm, guys, yoo-hoo,” Tony called to the team,“I think we need to call an ambulance.  I’d bet my badge someone slipped something to this kid.”
“We’ve got a bus on the way, DiNozzo.” 
“Get Abby and McGroovy to the kid’s podium, his drinks might still be there.  If the killer slipped something in this kid’s drink, maybe he left fingerprints on the glass.”
“Abs, McGee get over to the center podium and get those glasses into evidence, and test all the glasses, we’re going to need to let the hospital know what this kid is on.” Gibbs instructed.  “Tony we’re sending the ambulance around the back entrance.  We don’t want to upset things in the club—we want the killer to think everything’s normal.  I’m going to the hospital with the kid to see if I can get sketches of the people he accepted drinks from.  Tony go to the back door and let the paramedics in, and then get your ass back out there and start shaking it—like we’re paying you to do. And DiNozzo, be careful, and under no circumstances are you to accept any drinks from customers!”
DiNozzo returned to the club floor and climbed the stairs to the center podium.  He winked at Abby and McGee, who were huddled behind the podium testing Brad’s drinks for GHB, rohypnol, and ketamine—the three drugs the killer had been known to use on the other victims.
McGee handed Abby a twenty dollar bill.  She pocketed the money, and leaned into McGee and whispered in his ear, “Told you he’d be wearing glitter.”
Abby signaled to Tony that she and McGee were going out to the NCIS van to process the glasses.  Tony nodded, and turned to the crowd.  Tony kicked his dancing up a notch, and people started to form around him. 
“DiNozzo,” Gibbs called out, “I’ve got a preliminary description--male, mid to late thirties, dark hair, 5’10”, 180 lbs., thick black glasses.  See anyone matching that description?”
Tony turned away from the audience and shook his ass at them.  “Yeah, Boss, I can see four that match that description.  When are you coming back to the club to start questioning them?”
“On my way back now, DiNozzo.  Abby, McGee have you got any results back?”
“Yeah, Boss, one of the drinks was positive for GHB.  The glass it was in has a partial-print, I’m trying to run it through AFIS now.”
“Ziva, has the facial recognition found any matches to our suspect’s description?”
“Boss, do you want me to start rounding up potential suspects?”
“No, DiNozzo, stay put until backup arrives.  We should be there in half and hour.  Just keep wiggling your ass, and keep your eyes on the possible suspects.”
DiNozzo noticed a man meeting the suspect’s description watching him dance.  Feeling he had an opportunity to reel in the killer, Tony winked at the man. 
The man smiled and moved closer to the podium. 
Tony mouthed to the man, ‘Buy me a drink, big boy?’
The man smiled and nodded. 
“Mo…Hee…Toe,” Tony mouthed.  The man set the drink down on the center podium several minutes later.  Tony saluted the man with his glass, before taking a long drink. 
The man smiled, and continued to stay near Tony’s podium.  It didn’t take very long before Tony began to wobble. 
Tony looked down at the man; he gave a weak smile, and then said, “I’m not feeling so well.  Ya mind helping me to the restroom?”
“DiNozzo, suck it up; we’ll be there in a few minutes.”
“Of course not,” the man responded.  He walked up to the podium and put his arm around DiNozzo’s shoulders.  He helped Tony off of the podium and began to lead him towards one of the exits. 
“I think this is the wrong way.  The restrooms are over by the bar,” Tony slurred.
“DiNozzo, what are you playing at?”
“Don’t worry, Lieutenant, I’ll be sure to take good care of you,” the man with the glasses replied.  They exited the club through an unknown door, and stayed out of view of the NCIS truck.   
“Who are you?” Tony asked. 
“Your worst nightmare.” The man slipped his jacket around DiNozzo’s shoulders.  It was late and there were few people on the streets, but to those that saw Tony and the killer they looked like a man helping his drunk partner stay upright. 
“Hey, DiNozzo can you hear me?! Tony…can you hear me? I’m on my way! I’m coming for you!” Gibbs shouted.  He received no answer.  “Where the hell is DiNozzo?  Who’s tracking his GPS?” 
“We’re having problems tracking him.  He’s not registering as in the club any longer, but we haven’t picked up on his GPS signal yet,” Ziva answered.
“I want agents swarming the neighborhood!  I want him found now!”
The killer led Tony into a deserted area of Rock Creek Park, and pushed him to the ground.  The man pulled a wire from his pocket and stretched it taut between his hands.  “I’m tired of all you good looking, stupid, party boys thinking that you’re too good for someone like me.  It’s about time you had someone put you in your place, Lt. Zo!”
“Oh, handsome, I can think of all sorts of places you can put me,” Tony slurred.
“Shut up!” The killer back-handed Tony across the face.
“Ooo, like to play rough do you?” Tony tried to purr. 
The killer lunged towards DiNozzo. 
Tony grabbed the killer and flipped him to the ground.  He pulled a knife out of his boot and held it to the killer’s neck.  “Go ahead. Move just an inch, I’d love a reason to slit your throat.”
“DiNozzo!? What the fuck is going on?!”
“Nothing, Boss, situation under control,” Tony answered. 
Gibbs could hear the cocky smile in DiNozzo’s voice, and growled in response.
“Boss, we’ve got a read on DiNozzo’s location.”
“Rock Creek Park,” Ziva answered.
~*~     ~*~     ~*~
Gibbs showed up to find that Tony had the killer on the ground--his hands cuffed with a cable tie.  DiNozzo was holding the man on the ground with his foot.   He flashed a smile and pulled his knife out of his boot.  “Rule number nine, Boss, always carry a knife.”
“Ziva!” Gibbs signaled for Ziva to take custody of the killer.  He walked over to Tony, took hold of his bicep and pulled him over to the paramedics.
“Boss, I’m fine”
“DiNozzo, you’ve been drugged with who knows what.  You’re going to the hospital to be checked out.”
“I’m not drugged, Boss. I didn’t drink anything.  I spit it back out; that mojito was evidence.”
“If it was in your mouth, you’re going to the hospital, to get checked out.”
~*~     ~*~     ~*~
Gibbs tossed his keys on the hall table, and growled, “Corner. Now.”
Tony was wavering between upset over worrying Gibbs, and fury that he was in trouble. 
A loud thump erupted through the room--Tony turned from the corner to see the paddle lying on the coffee table.  “Boss,” he squeaked.
“Shut it, DiNozzo! Nose back in the corner.”
“Please, can’t we talk about this?”
“You put yourself in a situation where that murdering bastard could lay his hands on you!  What is there to talk about?”
DiNozzo smiled.  “Does that mean I can come out of the corner now?”
“Are you ready to be paddled?”
Tony walked over to his top.  “Yeah, I am.”
Gibbs pulled down Tony’s trunks, and then the suspensory—carefully slipping it off Tony’s cock and balls. 
“I’m sorry I worried you, but I’m not sorry for how I caught the bad guy.”
Gibbs pulled DiNozzo across his lap, and shook his head.  He smiled that his brat’s butt was covered in glitter.  There would be no warm up or hand spanking.  Gibbs picked up the paddle and applied it very firmly to Tony’s ass. 
Tony grunted his way through the early part of the paddling before he dissolved into tears.  “Boss...please stop.”
Gibbs continued to spank.
Gibbs continued to spank.
“Jethro, I’m sorry.”
Gibbs applied the last and firmest of the paddle strokes to Tony’s sit spots.
Tony was a snotty, crying mess when the now glitter covered paddle was placed on the coffee table.  Gibbs ran his hand over the flaming hot, red globes lying across his lap.  “Okay, Tony, we’re finished.”
Tony slid onto the floor, and then rested his head on Gibbs’ lap.  “That was evil.”
~*~     ~*~     ~*~
Tony was sitting, uncomfortably, in one of the stadium seats in MTAC.  He’d been doodling on his note pad and not paying a lot of attention to the briefing from the agent afloat on board of the USS Hopper. He didn’t understand why the team had been required to attend, and he would have been much happier back at his desk in his comfy chair than in the uncomfortable stadium seating of MTAC. 
He didn’t notice the sounds of sea gulls or the whistle, but he couldn’t ignore when everyone in MTAC began to clap and sing.  Tony looked up to see film of him dancing on the center podium at The Assman on the large screen.  He was wearing a sailor’s cap and shaking his booty to: “Where can you find pleasure, search the world for treasure, learn science technology…”
~*~     ~*~     ~*~